Fundraising Tips & Tools


  1. Phone The Cookie Crumbles Representative In Your Area
    Set up a date or time-frame for your fundraiser as well as a target date for delivery.

  2. Educate Your Group And Make Them Aware Of Expectations And The Incentive
    Every seller needs to understand your expectations and be made aware of the incentive program. This encourages everyone to try their best. Most often, sellers will meet or exceed the set out goals and it is not unusual for someone to sell 30 to 50 products. Establish the minimum number of pails / products you expect to sell per family. Set your goals high and make sure each seller has an adequate supply of order forms.

  3. Allow 2 To 3 Weeks For Selling
    Encourage sellers to make a list of people they know, contact them as soon as possible, explain the fundraiser - particularly what the money is being raised for and ensure sellers know the approximate date of delivery to inform their customers.

  4. Collect The Order Forms & Tally Them
    Make sure the forms are checked AND double checked for accuracy.

  5. Phone, Fax, or Email The Order In
    You can send your order via phone, fax or email to your Cookie Crumbles Specialist.

  6. Sellers Should Deliver The Dough Immediately After Pickup
    Upon delivery, sellers need to to pick up the Frozen Cookie Dough and other products. ALL PRODUCTS SHOULD BE DELIVERED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Frozen Cookie Dough MUST be kept cold at ALL times.

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