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Gerry – Edmonton, AB

I often pick up a chocolate chip muffin from a "popular" donut shop for my grandaughter.  My wife offered her a muffin for breakfast this morning and she asked if there were any of "grandpa's" muffins left.  We love your muffin mixes and add apples and cinnamon!  Delicious!


Becky – Sherwood Park, AB

I went and picked up the package you sent today.  WOW! This will go down as the easiest fundraiser I have ever worked on; everything is ready to go! Thank you so much.

Elementary School – Meadow Lake, SK

The students decided to sell Cookie Crumbles dough for the first time. The fundraising team sold an astounding 1217 pails for their school. This was accomplished by asking each student to sell a mere 5 pails within a 3 week period.



Allison – Turtleford, SK

An 8-year-old girl from Turtleford, wanted to help raise money towards her club. She called all her relatives, friends and neighbors. The energetic Grade 3 student managed to sell a whopping 81 pails single-handed!



Farin – Spiritwood, SK

A 14-year-old girl from Spiritwood, raised funds for her group. The motivated sold 87 pails herself - and her group - with only 7 members - sold a total of 276 pails.



Patti – Spiritwood, SK

"My students feel good about doing this fundraiser. The product has a great reputation and the logistics are manageable in a teachers's busy schedule."



Linda - Sperling, MB

"I just love those cookies. Not only are they quick and easy to make, they are truly delicious. People that I sold to were all very pleased with their cookie dough - one friend actually described them as addictive."



Warren – Meadow Lake, SK

"We have had the opportunity to purchase, bake and eat many varities available from Cookie Crumbles over the past few years and have found this to be an excellent product with that exact homemade taste and texture."



Rita – Saskatoon, SK

"I find these cookies taste awesome and it's so handy to use!"




"This will be the third year that our family & friends have purchased your products through a local fundraiser. The cookie dough is excellent!



Jocelyn – Big River, SK

"The students are selling the cookbooks right now - they are wonderful! It is great to have a cookbook that uses wholesome food that we have on hand in our kitchen. We also like that the recipes use local ingredients like saskatoons and blueberries."



Terri - Lloydminster, SK

"This was our first time doing the cookie dough fundraiser and it was a success! All the doughs were great, quick and easy to cook. The people we sold the dough to were asking for more. The sales were awesome and we are looking forward to doing this again next year. Thanks to Cookie Crumbles for a great fundraiser!"




"We have enjoyed many Cookie Crumbles products over the years! They taste as though they are homemade - or even better!"



Dance School – Saskatoon, SK

"Cookie Crumbles was a great fundraiser for our Dance Company! The kids had fun selling Cookie Dough and liked it even more when they could bake some. Besides our profit, we like how simple it is on delivery day and the one-on-one customer service. We do this fundraiser every year - love it!"



Billy-Joe – Lady Lake, SK

"My family had a Cookie Crumbles taste test at Lady Lake, my nephew said the cookies were better than Nana's and everyone said they tasted just like homemade!"



Bev – Sherwood Park, AB

"So, we have done Cookie Crumbles fundraising for several years. We love our Representative! She is so fantastic! The cookie doughs all taste amazing and the fact that they are peanut/nut free is so great! Our school is very strict on peanut/nut free products - these cookies and muffins are a lifesaver! The cookies are so quick and easy to make when you have nothing else to take to an outing! We have also done very well on the fundraising! Thank you so much for the fantastic products that are so easy to fundraise with!"



Connie – Spruce Grove, AB

"We have used Cookie Crumbles for the last couple of years as a fundraiser for the school in and around the Christmas Season, we have had terrific success as a result. The fact that the products are peanut/nut free is a huge selling point. The Franchise Owner is always ready, willing and accommodating with us. I recommend Cookie Crumbles to everyone as we have had an awesome experience!




"I have used Cookie Crumbles as a fundraiser for the past 3 years. Everyone raves about the cookies as they are so tasty, easy to make and best of all peanut / nut free!!! I second all of these. As for the rest of the items, they are all good and the cookbook is very easy to read and use. Thanks for being around Cookie Crumbles!"



Sarah – Fundraising Coodinator

"I have used Cookie Crumbles for a fundraiser for the past 2 years with my son's preschool. As a coordinator for the fundraiser, I found it very easy to order and get the product delivered at a time that was convenient for the school. As a customer too of Cookie Crumbles, I love how simple they are to make, you never have an excuse not to have fresh baked cookies for those guests you weren't expecting! Also, as the products are peanut / nut free, everyone can enjoy the many different flavours that Cookie Crumbles has to offer. Thank you Cookie Crumbles for helping make our fundraising goals each year a success."



Joan – Day Care Society

"Our Day Care Society has used Cookie Crumbles' products for fundraising for a couple of years. The facilities are peanut / nut free and Cookie Crumbles definately has met the criteria for that. The various flavours of cookie dough and the muffin mixes all taste wonderful. Fundraising is easy and we had increased sales from one year to the next. The Day Care Society will be using Cookie Crumbles again this Fall!"



Ken – Edmonton, AB

"I enjoy making muffins. I add blueberries, cranberries and a slice of apple down the middle. Last time I used half bran and half oateal - it has a different flavour. They are easy to make and taste great!!!



Dustin – President, Warman Minor Softball Association

"Warman Minor Softball Association decided to work with Cookie Crumbles this year as our major 2012 fundraising event. Cookie Crumbles made planning the event so took no time at all to plan and we had the best fundraiser in Warman Minor Ball history!!! Thanks Cookie Crumbles...see you again next year for sure!



Trina - Fort Sask, AB

"We have used Cookie Crumbles Fundraising several times in the past few years. The part that suits us best is that the rep is local, she can be reached at almost anytime and delivery is excellent. The product and profit margin is wonderful too. I would recommend this product again and again and again...




To whoever is interested in Cookie Crumbles products, I recommend them highly. At our house, we love Cookie Crumble coffee, it’s the best.Their products make great gifts especially for people you don’t know what to get them, as the price is reasonably and it is suitable for anyone, plus it helps schools etc. to raise funds for kid’s activities.Their cookies are excellent tasting, best cookie dough I have used and I have managed dietary departments, and have used many products.I also like the muffin mix as so quick to make, when someone drops by and a person can make them into many favourite type of muffins.

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