Cookie Crumbles Cookie Dough

Made fresh in our health-inspected facilities with no preservatives! Cookie Crumbles products are Peanut/Nut free & Trans fat free!

We also carry shortbread all year-round which is made with real butter and, therefore, contains trans fat.   

Our premium quality dough is sold in convenient, reusable pails that are priced at $25 for presale by groups. Groups consistently earn a 28% plus profit of $7 per pail regardless of the quantity sold. There are 7 homemade-tasting varieties in a larger 2.25L pail (4.4 lbs of cookie dough) ~yields 5-8 dozen cookies. Store dough in fridge or freezer.

Color Burst - bringing back the flavour for our 20th Anniversary!

Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Raisin
Double Chocolate Chip

Cookie Crumbles Dry Muffin Mix

Our Dry Muffin Mix has no preservatives and is Peanut/Nut free & Trans fat free!

Each pail of muffin mix sold will net a profit of $7 to your fundraising.

There are two homemade-tasting varieties — yields three batches of 18 muffins each.


Oatmeal Muffin

Bran Muffin

Moist & delicious ... wholesome & healthy ... our dry muffin mix recipes allow for the personal touch ... add fruit, raisins, chocolate, bananas ...

Cookie Crumbles Cookbook

A fantastic variety of “down home” recipes. Family favourites collected from Cookie Crumbles franchise owners across Western Canada.

Volume 2


Each cookbook sold will net a profit of $10 to your fundraising.

Doggy Dough

Delicious pet snack (for dogs or cats) with the added health benefits of parsley and cinnamon.

2 kg pail, yielding 8-10 dozen biscuits. Store dough in fridge or freezer.

Smelly Stix Playdough

Long Lasting  •  Smells Great
Soft Texture  •  Non-Toxic
Non-Drying  •  Crumble Free
Carpet Friendly

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