Cookie Crumbles is a venture founded in 1997 by two moms in Meadow Lake, a rural farming town in Saskatchewan.  


Using recipes they developed and tested themselves, Cookie Crumbles began by producing and selling premium quality dough for fundraising purposes. Our expanded line of products provides a variety of groups with excellent and well-proven fundraising success!  


Cookie Crumbles has grown rapidly and earned the loyalty of our customers because of supreme quality!


Today, Cookie Crumbles is led by Nigel and Cally Labossiere. As a family-oriented company, the belief of Cookie Crumbles is that the customer is the most vital ingredient. The final reward comes from baking a difference for groups, clubs, schools and organizations across the Prairies. Cookie Crumbles strives to make it simple, so groups can ultimately flourish by achieving their fundraising goals.

  Sandra Smith

Phone 1.855-531-4244

Email sandra@cookiecrumbles.ca


 Michelle Fuiten

Phone 306-921-8813

Email michelle@cookiecrumbles.ca

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     Peanut/Nut Free


    Trans Fat Free*

*except Shortbread

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